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SDS2 integrates directly with Tekla PowerFab

Estimodeling for Better Production Management

Integrating your 3D model with various fabrication software systems greatly increases the value of your 3D model. Fortunately, at SDS2 we recognize this value and have strong relationships with the industry’s top fabrication software providers, like Tekla PowerFab.

About Tekla PowerFab

Tekla PowerFab encompasses a complete software system for fabricators, providing functionality for everything from estimating to purchasing.

It is an offering of Trimble, an international company focused on positioning-related technology for different industries, including construction.

SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab: How does the integration work?

The powerful integration between SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab allows you to use your SDS2 model data to take complete control of the fabrication process and accelerate bid time with increased accuracy.

All model data, including connection types, materials, cuts, copes, welds and more, are transferred from SDS2 to Tekla PowerFab in a single XML file. Once the import is complete all SDS2 project information is automatically mapped to existing Tekla PowerFab fields.

From there, you can view the materials in Tekla PowerFab and ensure that calculations for material and labor match what you see in the model.

Tekla PowerFab can then use your model data to fuel the digital production of your projects with functions such as project management with scheduling, real-time production control with automated CNC routing and nesting tools, and live inventory tracking and usage optimization.

To learn more, watch the SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab webinar on demand→