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The 6 Best Podcasts for Modern Steel Professionals

As a steel detailer, staying up to date with the latest industry trends, techniques, and advancements is crucial to excel in your profession. While there are numerous resources available, podcasts have emerged as a convenient and engaging way to absorb knowledge on the go.

Whether you're commuting to work or taking a break, these top 6 podcasts for steel detailers will help you stay informed, expand your skill set, and foster professional growth. 

steel-whiskey-logo1. Steel & Whiskey 

Hosted by David Zabka 

Taking the #1 spot on our list is, of course, SDS2's own Steel & Whiskey podcast. Steel and Whiskey is a captivating podcast hosted by SDS2 experts and featuring a variety of industry insiders and experts as guests. Join in as they delve into the complexities of steel structures, innovative technologies, and the latest trends shaping our software and the steel industry. At the same time, savor the rich flavors and storied histories of various whiskey brands. With insightful interviews, expert opinions, and a touch of humor, Steel and Whiskey offers an engaging and informative experience for both steel enthusiasts and whiskey lovers alike.

Favorite Episode: A Steel Tech Talk with AISC's Luke Faulkner



2. EOXS Podcast: Stories on Steel

Hosted by Lew Dennen

Some stories, some facts, some not-so-secret secrets about the very industry that's created several others. This is a steel industry podcast featuring big names in the business and the advice and stories they have accrued over their years as insiders. With the help of several industry experts, steel suppliers, manufacturers, salesmen and more, they talk purely steel; the good, the great and the exciting.


field-notes-aisc3. Modern Steel Construction's Field Notes

Hosted by Geoff Weisenberger

Hosted by AISC's Modern Steel Construction magazine, the Field Notes podcast brings you monthly interviews with prominent, engaging industry personalities and the most interesting stories from the world of structural steel. Hosted by MSC's Senior Editor Geoff Weisenberger, the episodes are short and engaging, most of them running less than half an hour. It's a great way to learn from the industry's leading players on a wide range of relevant topics in business and careers, design, engineering, fabrication, erection, and of course steel detailing.  


Copy+of+Asset+35-14. The Construction Brothers

Hosted by Tyler Campbell and Eddie Campbell
Although this is not specifically a steel-centered podcast, it is often cited as one of the best construction podcasts around, and it’s always a good idea to keep up with the broader world of construction. In recent episodes, they cover topics like the implications of AI, lessons in cash flow, risk management, and more. But don’t fear—steel fabricators and detailers are not forgotten on the show. One of the co-hosts has a detailing background, and they do have several steel- and detailing-centered episodes, such as: 



5. The Constructrr Podcast

Hosted by Brittanie Campbell-Turner 

CONSTRUCTRR was made to spotlight companies and give a voice to the individuals that are uniquely influencing the construction industry. Host Brittanie Campbell-Turner takes a professional and enthusiastic approach to hosting, always researching ways to positively impact the construction industry by implementing best practices, innovative ideas, and implementing collaborative approaches.




6. The Structural Engineering Channel (TSEC)

Hosted by Mathew Picardal, PE, and Rachel Holland, PE

Many SDS2 users either are structural engineers or work closely with them on a regular basis, which is why we're closing our our list with “The Structural Engineering Channel (TSEC)” by the "Engineering Management Institute.” This weekly podcast helps structural engineering professionals stay up to date on technical trends in the field and offers professional development guidance. Hosts interview engineers ranging from recent engineering graduates to professionals from top engineering organizations on professional development topics for structural engineers to facilitate career advancement. Some recent topics that might interest SDS2 users include performance-based design, fasteners and connections, post-tensioned structures, smart structures, tsunami modelling, earthquake engineering, software solutions,  and much more.