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SDS2 Summit is the premier learning and networking event for SDS2 users, bringing detailers, fabricators, and engineers, together with industry partners and SDS2 developers.

5 Reasons to Attend SDS2 Summit (And How to Make a Business Case for it)

SDS2 Summit 2022 is right around the corner, taking place along the vibrant and lively River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, on October 19 and 20.

It is the premier learning and networking event for SDS2 users, bringing detailers, fabricators, and engineers together with industry partners and SDS2 developers. The event features training sessions on the latest SDS2 features and workflows, as well as fun networking and discussion opportunities to help elevate the success of the steel community.


This year, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from SDS2 users across North America on a range of topics both practical and inspiring. You’ll get SDS2 how-to’s for beginners and advanced users, go behind the scenes of some remarkable SDS2 projects, and hear savvy business insights for tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow.

It’s a value-packed, two-day experience that’s bursting with opportunity. But if you (or your boss) need more convincing, here are the five biggest reasons to join us in San Antonio this fall.


1. Forge valuable connections and relationships

The best part of any tradeshow, conference, or other event is the opportunity to build relationships. Following the travel limitations of the last few years, everyone is hungry for personal connections. SDS2 Summit 2022 is the perfect place to learn from your peers, sponsoring businesses, and industry experts.

In addition to ample networking breaks throughout the event, our lively roundtable discussion are always a hit, giving you a chance to talk directly with SDS2’s development teams and power users about your specific needs and questions.


2. Level up your SDS2 skills

Whether you are new to SDS2 or a certified power user, there are always new tips and tricks to learn. SDS2 Summit 2022 will feature several sessions on both beginner and advanced topics, from revision control workflows to parametrics and components and advanced tips on stairs and handrail.  

Nearly all of the presentations will come from real SDS2 users, so you’ll be hearing real-world examples and applications. Because there’s always more than one way to complete a task in SDS2, you’re just about guaranteed to learn something new about the software that can help you tackle new problems or get more efficient with your work.  


3. Get hot tips for growing your business

On the business side of things, SDS2 Summit 2022 will host sessions ranging from practical to inspiring. Learn how to tackle the challenges of our evolving working environment, find new solutions and workflows for shop and project efficiency, and see the both the real and visionary potential of emerging technology in steel construction.  

You’ll hear from both industry leaders and real SDS2 customers, with actionable business takeaways for detailers, fabricators, and engineers.  

Here’s a small sampling of featured speakers and breakout sessions: 

  • Angela Richie | Office Managing Partner at GRSM 
    Back to the Future: Exploring Steel Industry Tech from a Legal Perspective 
  • Chris Keyack | Keyack Technology Solutions 
    Getting Real with Augmented and Virtual Reality in Steel Construction 
  • Matt Hand | United Structural, LLC 
    Managing a Cloud-Based Detailing Office  
  • Marvin Freeman | Williams Steel Company 
    Digitalizing and Expanding Your Fabrication Shop with SDS2 

Click here to see the complete agenda →


4. Get inspired with cool SDS2 projects

This year we’ll be going behind the scenes on some truly awe-inspiring projects that have been completed with the help of SDS2. Sleek skyscrapers, pinwheel-shaped museums, high-tech light towers—see how our customers tackled the complex geometry, scheduling challenges, and project management on some of the coolest steel projects on the continent.  You’ll pick up detailing and project management tips for everything from design to construction.  

These project case studies are also a great source of inspiration for steel junkies everywhere. This is what your sweat and hard work is all about, after all! There’s nothing better than seeing the awesome structures that can be accomplished in steel for an energizing boost of motivation.  


5. Work hard, play hard

Have we mentioned yet how much fun we have at SDS2 Summit every year? We love our SDS2 community, and in addition to the excellent learning and networking opportunities, SDS2 Summit is also about having fun. Professionals in our industry work hard, but we play hard, too, and the lively River Walk in the heart of San Antonio is the perfect place for both.  


We hope this helps you get hyped up for SDS2 Summit 2022. We’ve included an email template below summarizing the event, so you can share the opportunity with your managers. See you in San Antonio! 




I am hoping to attend SDS2 Summit 2022, taking place October 19-20 in San Antonio, TX. I think it will be a really valuable experience, with a lot of opportunities to learn new skills in SDS2, build relationships with industry contacts, and discuss our business needs with the SDS2 community and developers.  

[OPTIONAL: I am especially interested in the sessions on [INSERT SESSION TOPIC(S)].  

You can learn more about the event and see the full agenda at  If you see anything interesting or want me to ask anyone a question on your behalf, let me know.   

I’m happy to discuss this more if needed. I appreciate you taking the time to help me build new contacts and skills. 



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